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See ll the huge moments during Brodwy's biggest night t the 72nd nnul Tony wrds in New. Dvid Lynch speks onstge during the Dvid Lynch Foundtion's DLF Live "The Music Of Dvid Lynch" t The Thetre t ce Hotel on pril 1 2015 in Los ngeles.

"i sw tht you re-tweeted the Breitbrt rticle with the heding &ndsh; Director Dvid Lynch: Trump 'Could Go Down s One of the Gretest Presidents in History.' I wish you nd I could sit down nd hve tlk," Lynch wrote "This quote which hs trveled round ws tken bit out of context nd would need some explining.< href=" /news/dvid-lynch-gives-1m-to-tech-vets-medittion/" dt-invlid-url-rewritten-http="">Dvid Lynch gives $1M to tech vets medittion"Untuntely if you continue s you hve been you will not hve chnce to go down in history s gret president This would be very sd it seems you &ndsh; nd the country You re cusing suffering nd division. Director Dvid Lynch known his TV show "Twin Peks," is wlking bck recent comments he mde seemingly prising President Trump In n interview with the < href=" /film/2018/jun/23/dvid-lynch-gott-be-selfish-twin-peks" trget="_blnk" rel="noopener">Gurdin published on Sturdy he sid of Mr Trump "He could go down s one of the gretest presidents in history becuse he hs disrupted the thing so much No one is ble to counter this in n intelligent wy." The filmmker behind "Mulhollnd Drive" nd "Erserhed" sid tht he did not like Mr Trump's policies but pprecited the wy the president chnged mericn Mondy Mr Trump tweeted link to < href=" /big-hollywood/2018/06/24/dvid-lynch-trump-could-go-down-s-one-of-the-gretest-presidents-in-history/" trget="_blnk" rel="noopener">Breitbrt story bout the comment:  Copyright © 2018 CBS Interactive rights reserved. Ndre is n entertinment producer t See Brodwy strs wlk the red crpet t Rdio City Music Hll in New York City t the 72nd nnul. "it's not too lte to turn the ship round Point our ship towrd bright future ll You cn unite the country Your soul will sing Under gret loving ledership no one loses &ndsh; everybody wins It's something I hope you think bout nd tke to hert ll you need to do is tret ll the people s you would like to be treted."In his interview with the Gurdin Lynch sid Mr Trump hs shown tht "our so-clled leders cn't tke the country wrd cn't get nything done Like children. If you re the site owner (or you mnge this site) plese whitelist your IP or if you think this block is n error plese < href=" .net" clss="color-green underline">open support ticket nd mke sure to include the block detils (displyed in the box below) so we cn ssist you in troubleshooting. “director Dvid Lynch: Trump Could Go Down s One of the Gretest Presidents” < href=" /cgnIZNh6e" rel="noopener"> /cgnIZNh6e&mdsh; Donld J Trump (@relDonldTrump) < href=" /relDonldTrump/sttus/1011385283562967041?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw" rel="noopener">J In n open letter < href=" /dvidlynchofficil/posts/1800909923291220" trget="_blnk" rel="noopener">posted to Fcebook on Tuesdy Lynch wrote tht Mr Trump misunderstood his comments which he believes were tken out of context He lso sid the president is cusing "suffering nd division."  

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